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Investing in Real World Assets (RWAs) unlocks unparalleled potential for portfolio diversification. However, this new frontier of investment has been largely inaccessible, until now. Powered by blockchain technology, our platform democratizes access to this previously untapped market.
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What is real world asset tokenisation?
Tokenisation refers to the process of giving a real-world asset a digital identity, means creating a unique digital representation of the asset that is stored on a blockchain. This process allows the asset to be tokenized, which means that,

✹ the asset can have attributes which can be added or updated
✹ the asset is divided into smaller units that can be owned and transferred independently
✹ the asset is visible which can then be easily tracked and traced.
Equity Tokens
These tokens represent ownership in an underlying  asset, similar to owning shares in a company.
The return on equity tokens typically comes from dividends or the appreciation of the token's value.
Debt Tokens
These tokens represent a debt owed by the issuer to the token holder.
The return on debt tokens comes from interest payments made by the issuer.
Asset Based Token
These tokens represent ownership in a physical or intangible asset (like real estate, art, or a patent).
The return on asset-backed tokens comes from the appreciation of the underlying asset's value or income generated by the asset (like rent).
Why invest in RWA tokens?
Real assets. Real rewards.
Accessibility via Tokenization
Tokenization of RWAs makes high-entry cost assets more accessible and liquid, allowing investors to buy fractional shares of assets like properties or artworks.
Reduced Market Dependence
The value of RWAs does not depend directly on the performance of financial markets, which offers stability during economic uncertainty.
Stable Returns
RWAs often have inherent value and can provide stable returns over time, making them an attractive investment option.
Portfolio Diversification
Investing in RWAs such as real estate, art, or private debt offers unique opportunities for portfolio diversification beyond traditional asset classes
Low Volatility
Expect consistent performance even when the stock market takes investors for a roller coaster ride.
Increased Transparency
Blockchain provides a transparent, immutable ledger of all transactions related to an asset, increasing trust and reducing the risk of fraud.
Pay Using
Platform supports major Web3 wallets, ensuring seamless transaction signing with robust security. Discover the benefits of RWA investments.
How does it work?
Make RWA investments in minutes
Browse and find an investment you like
Explore and choose from a variety of real-world assets on the platform.
Check for token details and Invest
Review the asset details, understand the terms of tokenization, and make your investment.
Get Paid as per payout schedule
Receive your returns according to the predetermined payment timeline.
Pay Using
Platform supports major Web3 wallets, ensuring seamless transaction signing with robust security. Discover the benefits of RWA investments.
Watch your Portfolio grow ;
Monitor your investments to observe the appreciation of your portfolio over time, including asset growth and returns paid out by issuers.
and trust
Automated Compliance
Automated KYC and AML processes involves digitally onboarding asset owners and investors who are required to complete regulatory requirements mandated by their jurisdiction, ensuring compliance through efficient enforcement mechanisms.
ERC-3643 is beneficial for Real World Assets (RWAs) as it establishes a standardized framework for tokenization, promoting interoperability, security, compliance, and efficiency in their trading and management processes.
Onchain Custody
We store and manage digital assets directly on a blockchain network through the use of smart contracts, enabling secure and transparent control. Issuers maintain control over their token supply and investors' securities are secure, even in the event of wallet access loss.
How can I be sure that asset exists?
Asset owners have the option to provide proof of their assets, which can be accessed on the token listing page.
Global Access. Wider Options.
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Awards & Recognition
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Spydra Technologies has been shortlisted among 1000+ participants at Idea Challenge Program (ICP) 3.0 by APIARY BLOCKCHAIN COE, a Centre of Entrepreneurship in Blockchain Technology
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Spydra was identified as top innovative startups in Karnataka, and was granted Government support and aid to scale Spydra's product and solution.
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Spydra, a low code API-driven asset tokenization platform, has earned its place as one of the seven startups in the inaugural batch cohort of Graviton Web3 Accelerator.
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Spydra was selected for Cohort-3 of the Web3 Acceleration Program, hosted by TDeFi in collaboration with DMCC and Elysium Chain as their Blockchain Partner.


1. What is Real World Asset Tokenization?

Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization is the process of converting rights to a physical or intangible object into a digital token on a blockchain. These assets can include everything from real estate, art, and collectibles, to startup funding, equipment, and various debt instruments.

2. How Does RWA Tokenization Work?

Once an asset is tokenized, it can be bought, sold, or traded on a digital platform, often in fractional shares. This makes these assets more accessible and liquid. Returns on these assets can come in the form of value appreciation, rental income, dividends, equity growth, or interest payments, depending on the nature of the asset and the terms of the token contract.

3. How Can I Invest in Tokenized RWAs?

The process is simple and user-friendly: Browse through a variety of tangible assets listed on our platform, select an asset that aligns with your investment goals, view detailed information about the asset and the terms of tokenization, invest in the tokenized asset, and receive payments as per the pre-determined schedule.

4. What Types of Returns Can I Expect from RWA Investments?

Investors can earn through several ways, depending on the nature of the asset: value appreciation, rental income, dividends, equity growth, and interest payments.

5. How Secure Are My Investments in Tokenized RWAs?

Our platform is designed with security at its core. We employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure all transactions are encrypted and secure. All tokenized assets adhere strictly to regulatory standards, ensuring a lawful and secure investment experience.

6. What is the Benefit of Blockchain Technology in RWA Investments?

Blockchain technology offers various benefits such as increased transparency, improved liquidity, efficiency and speed in transactions, global access, fractional ownership, and immutability of transaction records.

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